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Behind the scenes during the shooting of US TV show 'Expeditions Unknown'.

This episode focused on one of the many mysteries surrounding Harold Lasseter and his search for the golden reef in outback Australia, based on Warren Brown's book "Lasseter's Gold".

These images were captured over two days during filming on and around Curtin Springs property in the Northern Territory, Australia in late 2016.

This was such a fun shoot! The crew were amazing, the cast were rambunctious and the camels were magnanimous, what more could a photographer want?

If you look closely, you might even spy the author, Warren Brown, himself!

For more information on the TV show, head to the US Travel Channel website:

The camels featured in the program are Pete and Abdul. These two boys are star camels at Uluru Camel Tours, located within the Uluru / Ayers Rock Resort! To find out more about the camels of Uluru, head to:

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